Advance Care Planning

Plan Your Final Health Care

You have the right to choose and plan how you receive medical care in your final hours. Part of your decision depends on your chosen advocate. Advance Care Planning (ACP) helps you choose someone to be your advocate and speak on your behalf – someone who tells healthcare workers what you want done for you.

  • ACP is a process that helps you think and talk about your end-of-life healthcare choices with others.
  • This planning will help you and your family, loved ones and your caregivers when you cannot speak for yourself.
  • Making a plan for yourself means others will not have to guess what they should do for you.

Advance care planning helps you get the care you want, and do not want. And it relieves the burden on your family. Nationally-recognized Five Wishes has been called a “living will with heart and soul.”

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Five Wishes

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